Day 8 La Maison Verte

Do need to sort something out with my sleep. Another late night. Had an enjoyable evening in a nearby village. A bakery there had a special pizza night celebrating their 10th anniversary (i previously thought it was their 1st). Amazing pizza and met a few people I could converse with. Enjoyed the drive over, through a few little quaint villages. I would really like to be able to see more of France… next trip 🙂

A few surprises today from the dye pot. I won’t keep posting every little bundle, is getting a bit tedious, will still take photos though as a record to refer to later. I am going to forget the processes I have used so will need to take stock tomorrow and make little notes to put with each piece so I don’t forget. This was the biggest surprise:

IMG_1747FullSizeRenderI kind of like how lots of things are not printing, I never know what to expect. I try to scatter evenly leaves that I have seen print well in-between the unknowns but its very hit and miss. Was amazed when this orange showed up. This bundle was steamed and was predmordanted with a quick dip into an iron acetate mix (rusty nails with vinegar), previously i was using iron water that didn’t contain vinegar.

Progress with the strips:


The view while driving towards dinner:IMG_1718

The oven the pizzas were cooked in:


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