Day 10 La Maison Verte

Today things changed. I now have two Argentinian ladies here. They are very lovely but it is taking some getting use to. We are using a translate app to communicate which is great but very tiring. Interestingly  they seem to be night owls as well. Thought I would be able to clear up the kitchen and start dyeing when they went to bed. Anyway I put a pot on the stove and am trying to work around them.  Hard when there are people using the sink for food stuffs and plates etc. There is no ventilation in the kitchen and one of them closed the window I had open just an inch. Luckily my pot is not smelly except for when I opened the lid. One of them did try to wash up my dye pots (with my liquid in) even though I did try to get across to them to not touch them. I did also communicate that I could move them if necessary. Didn’t realise how late it was when I put the bundle on, about 12.45. It’s now 2.50 so I will probably turn it off and go to bed soon. So strange to be up at this time and have others up working as well. Will be interesting to see what time they surface.

Hardly anything done today and really not feeling well. I have a horrible headache brought on by the smell of the fresh plants. Not sure if I just picked something extra aromatic or that it’s just a build up in my system, probably a combination of the two. Now that I have to hang out more where my plants are I have to pack them up. When I opened the bag earlier to get them out to make up a few bundles, the smell gave me strong heart palpitations which is what was happening to me yesterday. Never experienced anything like this before. Not nice. Will try to get some walking done tomorrow and maybe do some visiting. I definitely need to get out of the house plus feel like I am achieving something at the same time. The other two people get here on Friday. Not sure where they will hang out. The kitchen is hardly big enough for the three of us here now. So so glad that I had the place to myself for the first 9 days. It’s so hard to concentrate now.

While waiting for my bundles to cook I had a big tidy up which was satisfying. Only problem is that I have discovered that I have contaminated nearly all my fabric with lovely orange rust stains. One of the drawbacks of using a vinegar and rusty iron mix. It must have come off my hands. Surprised I haven’t damaged my clothes, or maybe I have and I haven’t noticed.

Still have to put up the photos from yesterday. The lovely paper I bundled with some fabric last night has dried and the colour isn’t as good (always better when it’s wet) but I still really like it:


Freshly unbundled


Today I made a sheet of silk paper with gummy silk cocoon strippings. Unfortunately I can’t bundle the paper as it can’t get wet, it will go sticky. I wanted to see if I could do the hapa-zome with it. The first sheet looked a bit too thin so I made a tiny piece a bit thicker to give it a try. It seemed to work fine. The stem was a bit juicy and the paper got a bit wet in that spot but it ironed dry fine without taking away any colour:


I also tried to use my walnut ink to print some leaves with. I decided I didn’t want to roll my little roller in the stuff so I went about making a stamp pad. I read somewhere about adding glycerine to the ink. I didn’t like the sticky feel and it’s taking quite awhile to dry properly. I also thickened it a bit with gum arabic but it’s dicey. Will try some different leaves tomorrow or when I get around to it:



I cut up some kitchen slightly spongey cloths and adhered them to a thin plastic box lid, sort of worked

I have 3 bundles to open in the morning. So I guess it wasn’t a totally unproductive day. Oh and yes I got to stock up on some food. The Argentinian ladies cooked for me which was nice. I have a dish I can cook in return but one of them is gluten free and I need to make a cheese sauce. With no shops it’s not that easy to remedy. Good excuse to go and visit a few people who invited me to visit and maybe they will have some corn flour or something suitable.

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