Day 11 La Maison Verte

Morning anxiety/heart palpitations even worse today. Just trying to breathe through it. Having others around made it worse. The odours from the plants seems to have intensified it. Working through it all (sorry about all the “it’s”). Was nice to have a few bundles to open this morning. I tried to open them outside but with the wind it was impossible. To be able to see what leaves have worked and not I really need them to be not blowing off. Some nice results, especially with the paper.



So love the papers when they are wet, wish they could stay that way, like when you are indigo dyeing, I love the mix of teale and indigo colours you get as the fabric changes colour.


Here they are later dried along with the carrier cloth and two other pieces. I didn’t do a good job of tearing and trimming the linen, it is also now smaller than the other two. Even the new cotton strip is distorted compared to the others. I was going to reuse the carrier cloth that I used to dye the paper but I think I will leave it. I have plenty more cotton sheets.



New one on the left, used a carrier cloth dipped in iron, no vinegar


detail of linen


Carrier cloth the paper was dyed with


The paper, now dry


Finally heard back from Artvango after I sent them another email. They will email my order today. Good thing they confirmed what was being sent as they had me down for 5 metres of linen gauze at about £11 pounds a metre, I just wanted .5 of a metre. Just hope the postage isn’t too much as I am not ordering much but I don’t think with the postal system it matters, seems you can order 30kg for the fee.

The other ladies are going to Troyes tomorrow so I will tag along. Guillaume offered to take them to the station, I had assumed we would have to walk. There is an art shop there so I will see what paper they have and grab a few sheets. I could also get some ink for the monoprinting but still feeling like I will give that a miss. I will try and plan in Paris for a day next week. To make the best use of the day I will have to plan it carefully and book ahead for any museums I want to visit.

Meet Graciela Siles and Sandra (not sure about the spelling):



Graciela came down with this jacket on and had some fun in front of my work


The beginnings of Graciela’s work. She works with collage and installation, very interesting work.






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