Day 13 La Maison Verte

Just realised I didn’t post about yesterday’s activities, probably getting a bit confused as yesterday morning I posted for the previous day. The time seems to be going way too fast. My pace of working has definitely slowed since Graciela and Sandrulia arrived. I have also been in a bit of pain with my lower back/hip since Troyes and have been taking anti-inflammatories to keep it at bay, think today it is on the improved. Have also been catching up on a bit of sleep which is a good thing.

The biggest developments from yesterday were my experiments with soy mordanted paper and fabric. I like the changes in colour, with more reds tones and softer shading but with the paper I had problems with the paper delaminating. On one piece that I steamed, one side of the paper completely adhered to a glazed ceramic tile I was using. The paper was a heavy weight proofing paper that had worked fine with the alum. The problem wasn’t so bad a lighter piece of somerset (cotton rag) paper. The somerset was also boiled not steamed and only left three hours opposed to overnight with the steamed piece. Not really having success with the steaming but that’s likely related to my equipment not being ideal. I like the colours on fabric. One piece the prints were more blurred, but thinking that could be related to it and another alum piece being steamed for a few hours before being put into an iron bath. I wasnt happy with the steaming so decided it needed something more. The last piece I did with the soy that was boiled from the beginning didn’t have the same problem. I hope all that makes sense but trying to get this down as quick as I can so I can get on with the days activities.. it’s nearly 2pm and nothing much happening yet… which is not an unusual time frame for me. I have committed to cooking tonight, which is a big thing for me as I get quite anxious cooking for people I don’t know well, not to mention the other challenges with using this kitchen. I also think the other two people are arriving today but I have had conflicting information about that. Guess we will see them when they get here.


This piece was soy mordanted and placed in iron water dye pot (now contaminated from a lot of bundles and alum). It delaminated slightly. There are some nice colours happening but I don’t like the splotchiness that happened. This could have been a result of the combination of the cotton gauze it was wrapped in and the fact the paper is slightly textured.


The following papers were steamed in my tiny steamer in-between a thin glazed ceramic tile. The soy piece was on the bottom and totally stuck to the tile and delaminated leaving a tissue thin paper. The soy is sticking like glue to the papers. This paper was a lot thicker than the somerset but wasn’t cotton. The other pieces were mordanted with alum. I like the way the colours were contaminated by the soy paper, hoping I can exploit this in some way by indirectly using the soy to effect the colours on the alum mordanted papers.



This is the soy piece still adhered to the tile.

Here are the fabric pieces from yesterday:


These are both cotton and soy mordanted. The one on the left was wrapped in an iron blanket. It’s hard to tell from this shot but the fabric is a darker green than fabric batched in a similar way with alum mordant. The one on the left is very different to the alum, with reddish tones and the green being seen. This one however has a faded appearance, I am not sure why. I did rinse them both quite heavily in warm water to try and get rid of the soy residue and smell. After ironing they have gone very very stiff and smooth, they feel like laminated fabric. I need to find a way to get the soy out without ruining the fresh prints.


The long strip on the right is a new addition, nothing much different to report here. I did use a few different plants including one that has given a darker green that I like. Just hope I can find it in the garden again. Alum mordant, contaminated iron water vat.


Detail showing new green leaf, the other side of the leaf printed a darker green.


Linen, soy mordanted. I did steam this for a few hours with the papers but was worried it wouldnt have enough background colour so stuck it with the one on the right into the iron vat for about an hour and then left it in overnight. This has also ironed stiff like the other two soy mordanted pieces, but surprisingly not as stiff, which is interesting as the linen is a much stiffer fabric undyed.


The fabric on the left was batched with the linen that was soy mordanted (on the right). Having been steamed for a few hours could attribute to the bleeding that has occurred. I also think some of the warmer tones in this piece is due to be batched with the soy piece… a similar thing happened with the papers.

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