Day 14 La Maison Verte

Have spent most of the day so far doing domestic duties, unbundling, taking photographs, internet duties including updating the blog from yesterday… which is quite time consuming with taking photographs and the process to get them onto my laptop etc. But it’s time to get off my backside and do some work.

Will go over to the garden soon and organise with Guillaume the train times for my trip to Paris which I am planning to do next Tuesday and Wednesday. Also found out that Gabriella and her husband are arriving tomorrow, so that makes things easier with me cooking dinner tonight. I was worried about them arriving in the middle of it all and not having enough food prepared. I get stressed enough as it is with cooking and preparing food for others.

Still waiting for my parcels to arrive. The kraft-tex should have arrived by yesterday. Not sure how long the artvango order will take but don’t expect to see it until early next week…. door knock… large parcel, worried that it’s so light and what has happened to the kraft-tex. Relief… it was the kraft-tex packed in a big box with a lot of bubble wrap. Now I will have to set about using it… to get a straight cut will have to try and cut with a ruler and a knife. Will have to think carefully about what to do with it as I dont want to waste it all in odd sized samples. I was thinking about using some for book covers, but dont think I will end up making any books, I dont really have paper suitable for pages. I dont have any journals suitable for covering either. Since being here I havent really used a journal. Most of my notes have been on the blog or in my notes app on my phone. The journals I brought with me are more your moleskin types, which I havent enjoyed using. I picked up some moleskin lookalikes at the Intaglio printmakers that are much better, they are from Hahnemühle. I also a bought a few small ones from Luke’s art supplies in Melbourne before coming over which are also better. The moleskine ones wont take my nib pen I like to use, so really only suitable for pencil and plain biro ink. I did bring a good quality small square hard backed journal but sent it back to Tasmania with Sandy’s stuff as I didn’t see myself using it and really wanted to have as little gear as possible before coming to France.

Late evening:

Not much more to report from today. I managed to make up 4 bundles after dinner, so at least I feel like I achieved something today. Cooked dinner which went down well, meatless moussaka. Made a trip to the garden before cooking dinner to collect more plants, including some cornus (dogwood). Someone on a Facebook group I belong to was wanting to identify a plant she thought was cornus… so I went over to ask Guillaume about it and luckily they had one tree in the garden. So of course I brought back a few twigs of leaves to bundle up and see how it goes. Always good to have something new in a bundle. I tried to locate the plant that gave me a nice green in the last lot, but couldn’t see anything that looked like it. I saved the leave from the bundle and have them pressing but think it might be hard to identify. I will show Guillaume tomorrow and see if he recognises it. It is pretty nondescript looking. I need to spend more time just sitting in the garden without feeling like I have to collect or hammer anything. Unfortunately the weather hasn’t really been the best for just sitting in gardens.

Tomorrow I get to go on an outing to a farmers market and the supermarket in Nogent, which is a treat when you don’t have nearby shops. Thinking of such I should make a shopping list. This weekend is also a special weekend… not sure exactly why.. and there are free shuttle buses between Marnay and a few places of interest, including a recently opened museum in Nogent dedicated to the work of sculptor Camille Claudel, the local historic church and a few nearby villages. I also think the venues are free for the weekend. I know that the Garden is opening for free.

My housemates are off to Paris tomorrow for 3 days, which is good timing as the other artist and her husband arrive tomorrow. I leave for Paris when the other two return. Will make it more comfortable for all us. So won’t be a full house until Wednesday night.

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