Day 16 La Maison Verte

Went to the flea market (brocante) today in Pont sur Seine with Matildhe and Leo (Erica’s husband Morgan’s brother). He works in Paris and comes here to his house on weekends. He is renovating it which it seems that what all people I have met are doing, including Matildhe. Most of the houses here are quite old and seem to have the same aesthetic. It seems that slowly the town is having these beautiful houses restored and lived in.

I bought some tongs to make it easier to handle my bundles and a lovely knife for tearing paper. I have one with me from home but it’s getting blunt and besides this one looks great and will be a lovely souvenir of my time here.



Interesting old carder machine



Here are a few pictures of my bundles from this morning. Going to move now into just paper and work through a series to combine with some I did earlier. Have also made a stack of smaller papers that I have bundled and are steaming at the moment. At the flea market today I found several large stove top steamers and an electric one. If I had have found them when I first arrived I would have bought one but I felt it wasn’t worth it with a lot of the dyeing completed. I am hoping the supplies from artvango will arrive tomorrow and then I will have some silk to play with but have had enough of the cotton, have pretty much explored all the options. I do have two large matching pieces left of the sheet I was using and I may still dye them, will see how I am feeling. After over two weeks of this, it’s getting a bit boring and I am feeling quite tired and weary.


Off to Paris on Tuesday. I have booked a room in a 10 bed female dormitory.. fun!! I should be able to cope for one night. The alternative was 5 times the cost and not as good a location. The hostel is walking distance to the river and I would like to have a wander around after dark without getting the metro, to soak up the ambience of the place. Not sure what I will do yet, will spend some time tomorrow planning and will book my ticket for the Picasso museum. I think I will take a boat cruise to see some of the sights from the water. Hopefully my hips hold out as it is my intention to walk a lot to take it all in.


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