Day 19 La Maison Verte

Mini trip to Paris is coming to an end. On the train ready to head back to Marnay. Have had a wonderful time. This morning over breakfast at the hostel I booked a boat cruise and got tickets for the d’Orsay Museo. Headed out first to the famous English bookshop, Shakespeare and company:




Bought a few books, and sneaked a few photographs

Forgot that I wanted to drop into the Charbonnel art shop, bummer and didn’t feel I had enough time to go back later (ended up I would have done but didn’t want to be stressed with time, erred on the side of caution).

Wandered along the river to the cruise boat destination:



So lucky that I chose to do that today instead of yesterday as it was much warmer and sunny. The guy doing the commentary was informative and I really enjoyed it:


Most of the photos are on my camera, will post later.

Decided after the river cruise I would catch the metro to the Sennelier shop. Totally forgot about lots of shops and museums etc closing for a few hours in the middle of the day. All I could do was take photos from the outside:


Took a few photos of shop windows on the way back to the metro and visited this nice patisserie and bought a quiche and raspberry tart thing, very nice. Would have been nice to have felt I had time to lounge in cafes but pretty much ate while walking today:


After returning back to Saint Michel (that was the name of the metro station) near the river I wandered along to the Museo d’Orsay. Along the way I spotted another Sennelier shop, mmm, so I didn’t have to do that little side trip at all. It was closed as still lunch break time but decided if I had time I would walk back this way after the museum. Turned out that was the least complicated way to get back to the train station anyway:


Enjoyed the museum but nowhere enough time as I expected. I gave myself until 4pm (about two hours), so I wouldn’t stress about getting back to the train station. Not sure what I like the best but here is a sampling:


Then wandered back along to Sennelier and was very conservative and bought a small hard cover journal with 200gsm mixed media paper especially made for the shop. Had to have a souvenir, then wandered back to the metro at Saint Michel to get back to Gare de l’est station.


I also walked past another little art shop I hadn’t heard of. They make their own hand made paints. So I just had to buy a little water colour set. They look amazing.

(Add photo)


Train ride back:



Won’t be long, just 10 days and I will be navigating the NYC metro and walking the streets of Manhattan.

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