Day 25 La Maison Verte

It’s been a few days since I posted and haven’t really gotten a lot of work done. Have been here alone since Saturday and should have used the opportunity of having the house, especially kitchen, to myself… but have just felt too tired and unmotivated. Lots of thinking and not a lot of doing. Got up this morning with the intention of getting a lot of work done and had my ideas pretty sorted out.. then received a message to say the other ladies were returning this evening. Bummer! Oh well I will just have to work around that. I need to stay pretty focussed if I am going to get these last few projects finished. Keep telling myself that if I don’t it doesn’t matter as I have a pile of work to display. A bit worried about where some of it will get displayed as I have one paper work that really needs to be pinned to a wall and if we have the exhibition at the garden that will be a bit tricky. Guillaume told me not to worry and that it may be possible to put it up in the greenhouse… not sure how… but we will see.

I got my statement completed for the catalogue so that is something and I have made a few silk scarves… for fun.. they can be hung around to brighten things up. Three of them are quite bright from the onion skins I used… which i haven’t used anywhere else. They are from the garden so I figure that’s ok.

The invite went out tonight.


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