Day 19 La Maison Verte

Mini trip to Paris is coming to an end. On the train ready to head back to Marnay. Have had a wonderful time. This morning over breakfast at the hostel I booked a boat cruise and got tickets for the d’Orsay Museo. Headed out first to the famous English bookshop, Shakespeare and company:




Bought a few books, and sneaked a few photographs

Forgot that I wanted to drop into the Charbonnel art shop, bummer and didn’t feel I had enough time to go back later (ended up I would have done but didn’t want to be stressed with time, erred on the side of caution).

Wandered along the river to the cruise boat destination:



So lucky that I chose to do that today instead of yesterday as it was much warmer and sunny. The guy doing the commentary was informative and I really enjoyed it:


Most of the photos are on my camera, will post later.

Decided after the river cruise I would catch the metro to the Sennelier shop. Totally forgot about lots of shops and museums etc closing for a few hours in the middle of the day. All I could do was take photos from the outside:


Took a few photos of shop windows on the way back to the metro and visited this nice patisserie and bought a quiche and raspberry tart thing, very nice. Would have been nice to have felt I had time to lounge in cafes but pretty much ate while walking today:


After returning back to Saint Michel (that was the name of the metro station) near the river I wandered along to the Museo d’Orsay. Along the way I spotted another Sennelier shop, mmm, so I didn’t have to do that little side trip at all. It was closed as still lunch break time but decided if I had time I would walk back this way after the museum. Turned out that was the least complicated way to get back to the train station anyway:


Enjoyed the museum but nowhere enough time as I expected. I gave myself until 4pm (about two hours), so I wouldn’t stress about getting back to the train station. Not sure what I like the best but here is a sampling:


Then wandered back along to Sennelier and was very conservative and bought a small hard cover journal with 200gsm mixed media paper especially made for the shop. Had to have a souvenir, then wandered back to the metro at Saint Michel to get back to Gare de l’est station.


I also walked past another little art shop I hadn’t heard of. They make their own hand made paints. So I just had to buy a little water colour set. They look amazing.

(Add photo)


Train ride back:



Won’t be long, just 10 days and I will be navigating the NYC metro and walking the streets of Manhattan.

Day 12 La Maison Verte

Guillaume kindly took us to the train station to get the train to Troyes. Despite being a rainy day I really enjoyed the day. The town is the capital of the Department/region. In the centre the buildings had a very medieval feel to them. Felt a lot like a few villages I saw in the UK.


Lots of churches. In particular I liked a church dating from the 12th C. (multiple additions and restorations since). Most of the inside of the original church, which had completely painted (murals) walls, was whitewashed in the 1700’s. The info I read didn’t explain why. There was also a beautiful garden at the back of the church, which was lovely even in the rain:


Another highlight of the day was visiting the tool museum. I will post just a few photos of the building and some of the display cabinets, of particular interest was the bookbinding tools:



This was part of a display on the ground floor separate to the main tool museum



I found this photo fascinating, a glimpse of the people, all so different.


This girl particularly caught my eye, her hair, her stance, hands, clothes. My imagination went wild, just realised another reason I may have been attracted to it is she reminds me of one of my daughters friends from when she was in primary school.

Only downside of the day was that my hip went on me just after arriving at the train station ready to head back. Could hardly walk and in a lot of intermittent pain, which became more constant as the evening went on. So far on this trip, despite lots of walking, they have been pretty good. Since arriving in Ireland where I had a car I have walked a lot less so my fitness has reduced slightly. I did a lot of walking yesterday which probably aggravated things. Still not good today, hope it improves soon. Luckily I have some anti-inflammatories I bought in Spain, would need a prescription otherwise. I did fall down the stairs at the house 4 days ago, so that also may have unsettled things. It’s a rainy day again today so won’t be doing a lot of walking.

Nearly forgot to mention that I also had a trip to the art shop. Was very restrained and bought one piece of Arches bfk 280gsm paper, 2 small tubes of block printing ink… what a find that was, so pleased I didn’t order anything from the UK, would have paid $40 for shipping and had ink that I wouldn’t use. I just wanted to have a little experiment so this ink will be great. I also bought a chunky graphite pencil that hopefully won’t bleed. I have about 10 different pieces of graphite or pencil and most of them bleed. However, the graphite on the paper I boiled Tuesday night didn’t bleed off. I also found some lovely single page cards that I will send off as gifts. In total I spent less than $25.


Last night I opened 2 little bundles from the day before. One was just a small sample.. just to have something in the pot really 🙂 .. And the other was the walk I did around the village Tuesday evening. I took my pencil for a walk and collected leaves along the way and sandwiched them as I went. The paper was not mordanted. I like the way the graphite marks interact visually with the marks from the plants. As I was gathering plants I wasn’t as familiar with (as I have become with some of the plants I am choosing from the garden), they didn’t always mark and are more hit and miss. I like this. I was starting to feel that I was controlling the process in order to get more distinct marks on the paper/fabric. That is nice but I want this work to be more about the walking and discovering…. I just can’t find the words to really explain what I mean at the moment… art speak just isn’t working for me right now.


These were boiled as a concertina bundle, unmordanted and wrapped in a little gauze cloth before tying.


I am thinking that I might join all the samples together to make one large long piece. The paper work is also exciting me as well and I want to explore some more. If need be I can get another sheet in Paris next week. Was thinking of creating a line with the paper depicting my walk. I am getting better responses from the paper, especially the pieces I am rolling not folding. All the paper I had with me is either a4 or concertina folded so I could transport it. For this work I can tear up the paper I bought yesterday and keep it flat. Ideas are brewing which is also a good thing.

No bundles made up yesterday. Needed to give the plants a rest.